East Coast

La Tasca

722 7th St NW Washington, DC 20001



Review by Karlene

La Tasca is an authentic Spanish Tapas Bar in the heart of Washington

DC. Now, for all of you out there who think that Spanish food means

tacos and enchiladas, La Tasca is the perfect place to set your

thinking straight. The menu features the best of Spanish food,

including paella, Tortilla de Espanol, and Chorizo with Potatoes (some

of my favorites), along with the more authentic, less known croquetas,

and Spanish cured ham. A Spanish tapas meal usually consists of many

appetizer plates that are shared with the entire table. The laid back

meal takes time, as a couple dishes are brought to the table at

various intervals until you have had your fill. If you hate talking

during dinner, and food is just a means of survival for you, this may

not be your place. But if you love food, want to sit back, and have a

good time, I guarantee La Tasca will not disappoint. La Tasca

features a beautiful, two story, Andalucian, traditional feel with

dark woods, and terracotta stucco walls. It is a romantic, Spanish

excursion right across the street from the Verizon Center, outside of

China Town. No reservation required, but of course, a weekend could

find you waiting a while for a table. Weekends also boast live

Spanish music, also a large bar for casual gatherings.

Menu Recommendations

    1. •Olive bread (my personal favorite)
    2. •Ham croquetas (sometimes they have mushroom croquetas, mmm)
    3. •Chorizo and potatoes
    4. •Paella (any kind, pick what you like)
    5. •Lamb casserole cooked in white wine
    6. •And of course, Sangria, their White Peach is fun and new.


1425 Aliceanna Street

Baltimore, MD 21231 | 410-534-7296


Review by Karlene

A slightly Americanized version of Spanish Tapas, Pazo is a trendy

restaurant in downtown Baltimore (Fells Point area) featuring a

Mediterranean based menu served on small plates for the table to

share. The recently renovated warehouse offers the unique ambiance of

exposed wooden beams, juxtaposed with merlot walls and lush draping

fabrics. Pazo offers a cozy lounge for casual meeting, large booths

for small get-togethers, party rooms for special occasions, and a

dance floor that is cleared off as midnight arrives, making way for a

night of salsa. Although a pleasant dinning experience, the plates

are overpriced for the proportions. Pazo is a trendy, big-city

locale; be prepared for loud music and over-crowded ambiance,

particularly on the weekends. Their menu boasts an amazing food

selection, serving dishes from Spain, Italy, and Greece. The wine

menu, though very limited, offers hand-selected, fine wines,

complemented by a top-shelf bar.

Menu Recommendations

    1. •Caponata
    2. •Fresh Mahon Cheese
    3. •Pizza Bianca
    4. •Sautéed Merluza
    5. •Slow-roasted lamb (my absolute favorite)
    6. •The house white wine is a great deal!