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The U.K.

The Rock and Sole, Plaice

47 Endell Street. London, England (020) 7836 3785

So far this is the best place, or should I say Plaice to get fish and chips in London, but Americans should be warned that in the U.K. they eat their fish and chips with the skin on, and sometimes without the bones removed. Still you must experience authentic fish and chips while in the capital of fish and chips. They are still great, and they have fantastic tartar sauce.

Pizza Express

I know that you aren't thinking that England is known for great pizza, but there are a ton of great pizza places in London alone. For the best we have tried check out Pizza Express. It is upscale pizza at its best. We know you will love it. Oh, and try the dough balls, they are great.

Mussel Inn

61-65, Rose Street Edinburgh EH2 2NH (013) 1225 5979

Absolutely fantastic seafood, and the friendlyest service we have seen at a restaurant in North America or the U.K. You must try the Mussel Inn when in Edinburgh. You won't be dissappointed. Try the Tuna if it is the catch of the day.

GoEat on GNER

Rail services across the eastern U.K.

I know it seems strange to recommend the catering on a train, but seriously this is great cheap food. I can still taste the spicy tuna ciabatta, it was so good. I wish I had one right now... Anyway if your on a GNER train in the eastern U.K. don't hesitate to grab some food off the GoEat cart as it goes by, or eat in the dining car. The food is fast, good, and cheap.